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Next Training Course  -   Manta Controls will be running the

5019 - Process Control Fundamentals

Training Course in Adelaide from -


19 August 2024 to


23 August 2024.

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About Us

Manta Controls is a dynamic company passionate about process control, automation and plant optimisation. Our focus is on implementing the best possible control strategy for a particular piece of equipment or area of the plant.

We believe that whilst having the right equipment is important to achieve success, ensuring it runs optimally and with minimal down time will almost always guarantee success.

A plant that is automated correctly will run at the highest throughput levels and should be resilient to process disturbances. The continual steady performance of the plant will reduce the number of process shocks the plant is exposed to, which in turn will reduce the level of maintenance required and, therefore, downtime.

Most turnkey solutions are not automated optimally; as soon as the functional specification
has been met the project is complete. This means the plant might be able to run at its designed throughput for short periods of time, any small process upsets can cause hours of reduced or off spec output. Manta Controls specialises in taking a good processing plant and turning it into a great processing plant through effective automation. Often a large portion of time expires from post commissioning of a project to the implementation of effective controls, which proves there is a need for process control involvement in the commissioning stages of most projects that require automation.