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5019 - Process Control Fundamentals

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19 August 2024 to


23 August 2024.

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Safety Systems Design and Evaluation

Functional Safety is more than the design of a Safety Instrumented System to achieve safety targets. Functional Safety involves the integration of process control system design and management, the company’s safety management, and plant availability. It is Manta Controls’ firm view that by correctly integrating these elements it can not only be shown that the plant is safe but also more reliable and robust.

An Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system is often regarded as purely a statutory requirement however if not implemented correctly can lead to excessive nuisance trips or worse the failure
to react to an unsafe condition.

Manta Controls can provide:
  • Expertise in Functional Safety Management and control system management
  • Development of Safety Requirement Specification
  • Training in Functional Safety Management and Safety Instrumented System realisation
  • Audit for compliance to AS/IEC 61508 and AS/IEC 61511

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